When it comes to being a driver, it is exciting at first since you have this new sense of freedom, but perhaps you did not know what expenses came with being a driver of your own vehicle. Of course, you have your normal expenses such as car insurance and having to keep the tank full, along with the routine care such as oil changes and the like, but did you know there are also unexpected costs that can come up along the life of being on the road with your vehicle? Here are some surprising facts on some of those unexpected costs that perhaps you did not put into the driving around equation.

Accidents that are not your fault may require you to pay something out of pocket. This is especially true if the other driver that started the accident leaves the scene before you can get any of their insurance information. This can become frustrating, but it is something that happens.

Unexpected long term maintenance which might leave your car in the shop and you without wheels. So you might have to dish out some money to get a nice rental car to get you from here to there. If you’re under 25, the costs of a rental could be higher than if you are 25 or older.

Any type of technology that you have in your car breaking. This can be a pretty penny to have it replaced when it comes to wanting to use it. It could be anything from the GPS system to the sound system in your vehicle.

Traffic violations or parking tickets can be a big thing. When it comes to not obeying the rules of the road, you will get a ticket for it and you can bet it might be pricey depending on the offense. Sometimes you do not know that you’re going too fast because you feel good, you’re listening to music and next thing you know, you’re also being wrote a ticket to pay.

Normal wear and tear of a vehicle has to get fixed. When it comes to rust or anything that might happen – minor scratches, bumps, etc. that come along with owning a vehicle can also cost you extra money out of your pocket since insurance usually does not cover these small things.

The state registration fees that need to be done every year in order to maintain your vehicle can cost a good amount when it comes to owning a vehicle. You want to know that it is done when needed without having to worry about getting pulled over and given another ticket. The fees are usually based on the type of car, color and the driver themselves.

Parking permits for working or going to school. These are usually an annual fee that you will have to pay to park in their garage or parking lot and they can add up over the years. Without them though, you will have to pay even more to park in the spots on the street.