Texting while driving is a real thing that happens every single day. It is something that has taken a lot of attention off the road and on the phone. This can cause major accidents to happen where lives are taken of those texting and those in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

The phone can wait when it comes to being in the car and making sure that you’re paying attention to only the road. However, a lot of people find that their phones are just too distracting and must check the messages that are left. To get a better idea of why you shouldn’t text while driving, as well as find out the many aides that are out there to help you keep away from your phone – check out more information regarding texting while driving.

Why Not Text

The risks of crashing your vehicle while texting is over 20 percent higher than those crashes that might occur while the driver is not distracted. This can put a lot into perspective. Not only does it take your attention off of where you’re driving, but your hands are not in complete control of the steering wheel and your reaction times are slowed since you’re attention is on the phone, rather than the break or gas pedal.

Teens seem to be at the highest percentage on crashes that involved texting while driving. Close to 20 percent of teens that have survived texting while driving crashes state that they were either sending or receiving texts when the crash occurred.

Close to 20 percent of fatal crashes were caused by a driver texting while driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration collects and reports these figures to compile them for valuable research later on. Over 3,000 people have been killed in these crashes, with hundreds of thousands being wounded.

Crashes, death, injuries and property damages are real when it comes to texting while driving. Being distracted while driving is something that should be avoided at all costs in order to protect lives, property and reducing the amount of crashes that happen on the road.

Aides to Help You Not Text

If you’re a parent of a teenager that owns a cell phone, making sure to clearly let them know the implications that can arise from texting while driving is essential. Clear, concise directions on staying off the phone while on the road is important. Not only can they be putting themselves in danger, but others that may be on the road at the same time as them.

Turning your phone off and placing it somewhere out of reach is always a good thing. Even if you do not want it off, you can put it on silent so you do not think about anything that is being sent and receiving. You’re able to totally focus on the road and just the road. Out of sight, out of mind should work when it comes to having your phone in your vehicle. Whatever is being said over a text is able to be read when you reach your destination.

Nothing is more important that your life or the lives of others, it can wait.