When it comes to driving around you probably become tired and annoyed. You do not want to do any more driving today and you certainly do not want to worry about being alert enough to get there. This is not a problem when it comes to driving around in one of Google’s self driven cars. Yes, that is right – the car is able to drive itself to wherever you want it to go and you do not have to steer, break or give the car gas on your own.

The vehicles have lasers on the tops of them to ensure that they are able to see all around them at any given time. This is a good thing since you’re giving the car complete control over the road, so you need to make sure it is able to see anything and everything around it and in it’s way.

They are able to track anything that they see going past them or if they drive by a pedestrian, they are able to stop and let them cross and so on. They can recognize close to anything that they come across because they are programmed to be able to spot them when they pass them. They are also able to drive 70 miles per hour on a highway without having to have a human do anything when it comes to where to go and how to go there. Before, many years ago, this was inconceivable and a lot of people were happy when a self driving car went 20 miles per hour and was able to stop at a sign that it came across.

Cars are now as smart as a computer can make them be and computers these days are really smart.

Not only has Google developed this self driving car but all of the larger vehicle manufacturers have come up with their own driverless models as well to market and sell to the public. Prius has come up with a vehicle that is able to summon itself to the owner of the vehicle when they would like to get in and drive away. By the time the decade is up – self driving cars will be in and manually operating cars will be a thing of the past.

Not only do these cars know what is around them but it is able to plot and plan where the vehicles are going to be 20 seconds before the vehicle moves there because it can read the speed, signals and other signs that the vehicle is going to be moving from one place to another. The car is able to make split second decisions as it calculates the moves of other drivers on the road.

Even if it has a few glitches here and there of where to go on the line in the road, it still is not in the other lane or blocking other cars from moving past it if they wish too.

Not only can this be scary for some people since you’re ultimately putting your life in a robot cars hands but it is way too cool to not try out. As technology advances, these cars are going to be transformed into something that you want to have drive you around compared to driving that is done manually. This is because they are going to be a much better driver than any one human being could possibly be since it is able to react and think quicker compared to a human mind.