MADD or Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been busy these past few years organizing their campaigns and raising awareness, but they also came out with their new virgin line of drinks. With this being said, it is safe to assume that these can be consumed by the person driving, still enjoy a tasty drink and be able to drive everyone home safely. These drinks are able to be purchased in a wide assortment of options, so the designated driver does not have to feel left out when they are out at a party – after all, they are the guest of honor.

Walgreens is the store of choice when it comes to purchasing some of these drinks. Those that are going with the designated driver should be nice to purchase some for them. They cannot, however be purchased by those under the drinking age even though they are alcohol-free. This would send a mixed message to those that are under age. Not only does this drink provide so many benefits to those going out, but it is also something that helps support Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Through the partnership that MADD has with Walgreens, they are collecting 5 percent of the retail sales to help with their ongoing efforts to stop drunk driving and helps to support the victims of drunk driving – the preventable crime.

These drinks are flavored just like normal alcoholic drinks, so the person is still able to get the same taste, but not the effects that come along with it. These effects could be dangerous. Even the style of the can looks a lot like an alcoholic drink – don’t be fooled! Choose to purchase these drinks for yourself, or the designated driver that you’re going to be traveling with. It is better to be safe than sorry!

Now thanks are being sent out to MADD in their efforts to help support the stopping of drunk driving. This is a preventable crime that should be eliminated as much as possible.

This new release is just in time for the festivities that are coming up for the Fourth of July and MADD hopes that enough of these drinks are on hand for those wishing to be a part of the celebration, but also have to drive home. These drinks are currently on the shelves and waiting for those to come and grab them. So if you’re the one throwing the party – make sure to stock up for those driving or take the car keys! Be responsible when it comes to drinking and driving and do not let it happen when it comes to leaving your home.