There is a driving school in NYC that seems to have picked up the pace when it comes to being able to teach people out there how to drive. Over the past couple of months more and more people file in to get the training they need to drive on the roads but why? What is with the recent influx for this small Brooklyn driving school?

More and more immigrants are going in and asking more questions than ever regarding being able to get their driving license whether or not they have papers. The governor decided to put out a driver license proposal and they all want to know what is going on with it and if they are able to sign up to take the courses and get their license or not. This is a big step for the community that they live in.

The office is happy about this since they are getting more clients than ever. Not only do they offer the training and tests, but they also are able to offer vehicle insurance to those out there that are in need of it. This means a big client base for an otherwise small store stuck in between some of the larger ones out there. However, the licenses that are offered for those immigrants in the area are specialized licenses just for them – but this does not cut off the people from flowing in and wondering more about it.

One of the biggest things that they are worried about is the fact that if they get pulled over, their license is checked and the officer will know whether or not they are illegal to be in the country. This could lead to deportation and a lot of bad things to happen to those immigrants that decide to get the license. This makes just about everyone out there uncertain when it comes to these new licenses.

There have always been small businesses that help out with the immigrants with everything from translation to tax preparation when it comes to trying to become an American in the states.

There are many things that people are worried about when it comes to the licenses – including others abusing the privilege to have them which means that one person can have multiple Ids and no one would know since they do not have any other identifying documentation on themselves. A lot of the businesses wouldn’t accept people if their papers did not look legitimate. This was something that was happening before, the people would continue to come back to the schools and offices but under different names than they previously showed up with.

For now, a lot of people are wondering if this is the right thing to do – citizens and immigrants legal or not. There is a lot of planning and money that goes into something like this and a lot of people are wondering if it will actually work out for those that are out there with the new license privileges.