When it comes to owning a vehicle in the United States, you get something you love or something that the whole family can fit in and also has a high security rating. All of these things are good to think about but have you ever wondered what vehicle actually takes the cake when it comes to the most purchased each year? There are statistics on which vehicles are mostly purchased each year over others.

This year, the Ford F-150 is the most purchased vehicle throughout 2013. This truck stands for a lot in the country such as the rugged and independent spirits that we own. This could be one of the reasons why people choose this vehicle over any other. Within 30 different states throughout the country, this truck is the most loved, chosen and purchased. It is no wonder it is marketed out there as one of the most loved vehicles of 2013 and now Ford is wondering if this trend is going to continue.

The next best selling vehicle throughout the many states? Simple, another truck – the Chevy Silverado is right next in line trying to get up there in sales with the F-150. Ford has sold over 600,000 F-150’s while Chevy is down at over 400,000 Silverado’s for the year. This is pretty close since Chevy is only in second and nothing comes between them. It is surprising though, that the Ford F-150 is not any higher in the 20 states that are left out.

While, all over the country and in different states there seem to be a lot of fluctuating ideas on what there is to like. For instance… Oklahoma enjoys to ride in their Nissan Altimas while Indiana is the lead when it comes to the Silverados that are being sold. Hawaii is also a popular place for trucks but neither Chevy nor Ford take this one, it goes to the Toyota Tacoma. This is a more fuel efficient choice and since Hawaii has a lot of ground to cover and the people that live there seem to be more economically friendly, it is the right choice for that region and those that live there.

In Vermont, they like to go with GMC Sierra’s and in the Northwestern part of the country, sedans are a popular choice for many vehicle owners. However, no matter what it is that you drive on the road – always be sure to be safe and drive carefully since not one of these vehicles is going to stop you from getting into a collision if you’re not careful when it comes to driving.

The Ford F-Series has been a long standing favorite among the country and one of the best selling as well. Over 35 million of the series have been sold since they came into the market over six decade before. Now many more people are thinking about reliability and ruggedness when it comes to the vehicle that they are choosing to drive off the lot and into their parking spaces at home.