Crashes happen each and every day, no matter where you are and you might not know the cause of the crash but a new study has found that tractor trailer trucks are getting their fair share of accidents while on the road this year. This is not only a scary statistic but a realistic one at that.

Tractor trailer trucks are needed to get items from here to there and to ensure that companies stay in business when it comes to being able to ship their goods over state lines. Mail is also carried this way as well. Without these trucks, a lot of people wouldn’t be able to send certain items and a lot would be at a loss since warehouses and factories where items are made would only be distributed at that particular state or done in smaller quantities so that not everyone has a fair chance at getting the item.

However, the study went on to find that these trucks account for only around eight percent of the miles or vehicles on the road, while they account for more than 10 percent of the crashes that happen.

Those accidents that were caused by these trucks that were fatal had over 70 percent of the passengers in cars, while only over 15 percent were in the trucks. Over 10 percent were pedestrians that were just walking or on bikes. Those accidents that these trucks are involved in usually also had a crash with more than two cars involved, over 80 percent of these crashes had three or more cars piled up and involved in the accident. Normal, passenger cars only have over 50 percent of these multiple car accidents.

Even having these trucks around when a crash happens is enough to scare anyone into going one way instead of another. Even just a one percent increase in the amount of trucks on the road led to more severe crashes for the year. This is a scary thought when thinking about how many more trucks could possibly be put on the road at any given time.

When it comes to the increased speed of these tractor trailers, they are less likely to be able to slow down in time without something bad happening to the truck – so with less cars on the road and the tractor trailers going at higher speeds – more accidents are bound to happen.

As the speeds increase in the trucks – the more severe the accidents are going to be. Any trucks going over 45 miles per hour double the risk of having a fatal car crash and if they went over 65 miles per hour, this doubled score increased over 250 percent. These truckers that are in these speed related crashes have previously had tickets for speeding.

These are not good percentages to think about when it comes to being a small vehicle on the road and next to one of these speeding trucks. It is best to lay low and let the tractor trailer go at the speed they want without being around your vehicle.