Drunk driving is at an all time high, accounting for around one third of all vehicular deaths. This is an alarming amount of people driving due to someone being intoxicated in the car or someone intoxicated driving into someone else. A lot of people are now demanding that the legal drinking limit should be decreased.

How much is enough though? When it comes to the legal drinking limit currently, it is at a 0.08, but many people are calling on states to lower it to a 0.05. This might be able to curb a lot of accidents from happening, but not all of them. With it lowered, a lot more people state that they would feel safer when it came to driving on the roads at certain times of the day and night knowing that people who are drinking are being put away and off the road.

A lot of states think that drunk driving is curbed in their particular state but in fact, it has become a national epidemic and there are more drunk drivers out there than ever. Not only are these people not thinking about their own lives, but they are not thinking about the lives of others that might cross their path while they are on the road.

There are people that think that by lowering the legal blood alcohol level, it is not going to matter.

Their idea of the situation is that in fact, you rarely hear of people with a .08 alcohol level getting into these accidents. Those that are involved have a much higher blood alcohol level content such as a .14 or higher. These are the folks that have impaired driving. Although you shouldn’t drink and drive – the fact that people still do is a very real situation.

Many people are considering a device that will read your breath for you before you can even start your vehicle. This will allow those drunk drivers to be off the road since they are not able to start the car on their own without sobering up first. It might mean more drunk people walking the streets, but it also means that those in other cars will be safe against crashes that might result in them driving the vehicle drunk.

These devices should be able to read the level and let the person know that they need to call a cab or get a ride from a sober friend. This is technology that might save lives when it comes to getting more drinking and driving drivers off the road. It might be a better bet than lowering the limit of those drivers that are over the 0.05 proposed limit.

These devices are being used in some counties throughout the United States for those offenders that have had a DWI or DUI previously but what a lot of people are proposing is that they should be in every car so that the crash that might happen, doesn’t happen at all. The lives of people that are out there could be saved when it comes to adding these useful devices to vehicles across the entire country – whether or not they are a driving while intoxicated offender.