Distracted driving is a seriously dangerous thing, but have you ever thought about distracted walking – especially when there are vehicles involved? A lot of people do not actually consider the hazards that come along with walking across the street and not fully paying attention to what is in front of you. 60 percent of walking pedestrians do something besides just walk when they are out about. They text, email, talk on their phone or listen to music. 70 percent of those interviewed consider these distracted actions to be dangerous, but they mostly all still do it anyway. Pedestrians that have been in accidents due to them being dangerous amounts to over 4,000 pedestrian deaths and over 70,000 injuries throughout the past year.

A lot of the attention goes on those distracted drivers in vehicles, which it should for the right reasons since pedestrians cannot be safe against these folks, but also distracted walking can cause accidents as well. Crossing the roads while distracted is even more so risky than just walking down the road while distracted. As children, simple rules are given to allow you to learn how to cross the road. You should stop, look both ways and make sure nothing is coming before you walk across the road. However, as people have gotten older, this simple rule has simply been forgotten.

55 percent of adults that have crossed a street in their lives have thought about texting or emailing while they are in the middle of crossing. This seems to be the most dangerous thing to do while crossing a street, even more so than running to beat the traffic across it. These concerns for pedestrians are real concerns that are out there. So real that in fact, over 1,100 people were treated in hospital rooms after they were walking and using their cell phone.

Drivers keep in mind that driving while on the phone, texting or listening to loud music where they can’t hear anything around them is dangerous. However, a lot of drivers, even knowing that it is dangerous continue to do the behaviors while they are driving down the street continue to do them. 70 percent stated they knew it was bad to do, but they continue to do the behaviors anyway.

The real thing is the fact that drivers and pedestrians know that it is wrong, but do not know the actual dangers that are out there on these types of behaviors. A lot of the people have a attitude that makes them think it is not going to happen to them. When it comes to being able to do what they want, they do not care about the dangers or just do not think about them. As weather warms up though, both pedestrians and drivers should think about being more cautious when it comes to being on the road.

They should be aware of one another and keep out of the distracted driving or walking loop to ensure that everyone is safe when they are trying to get to where they are going.