If you are not familiar with country roads because you normally drive down city or suburban area roads, but you need to go down a country one then you should be prepared. These roads are not like what you are used to. You might actually be surprised with just how different these roads actually are. Make sure to take someone along with you for the ride to ensure that you have someone there to help you get down the roads, after a few times with someone, you should feel confident about going down these types of roads alone.

Make sure to come up with your own tips, speak with others about the tips that they would give and read these tips. You should then feel confident about your ability to drive down those bumpy, winding country roads.

  • Country driving is very different than city driving. Not only are there less cars around but the roads are less forgiving. You normally will have higher speeds and more winding roads than in the city where it is a steady speed and a straight road.
  • Make sure that if there are no lines in the roads, try not to pass unless you can safely see in front of the other vehicle and the oncoming lane. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing this then you shouldn’t pass at all and just be patient.
  • Make sure that you feel in control of the wheel at all times and are going a safe speed. This is most definitely true for dirt roads where you can easily lose traction and go off into a ditch so keep this in mind and make sure to mind your speed. Do not feel afraid that someone might get mad at you for going slow – you are just making sure you are safe!
  • If you are going down long country roads on a long distance drive, make sure you are well rested, have water and snacks and whatever else you may need right up front. You want to ensure that you stay focused and on point. If you have someone with you, this can help with conversation and to ensure that someone is there to help when needed. If it is a long distance, taking regular breaks and switching with someone can be helpful.
  • Always make sure to watch out for wildlife. When it comes to country roads, this is a must since a lot of animals like to wander this way and might find themselves on the road. You want to be able to watch out for them so you do not hit or run them over. If you see a crossing sign for animals, slow down and make sure to give yourself enough time to stop if you see them crossing.
  • If you are in a smaller vehicle, you might find that driving down the roads is a bit touch compared to driving in a larger truck. With this in mind, you are then able to be cautious and also watch where you are going at the same time. You might lose traction and if you do, stay calm and adjust accordingly.