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    Self-Driving Cars May Keep Elderly Drivers on the Road Longer

Self-Driving Cars May Keep Elderly Drivers on the Road Longer

As the number of elderly drivers on the road increases with each passing year figuring out a way for them to continue driving safely is a real concern. As drivers age they stop being as capable of operating a vehicle safely as they once were. This is because reflexes slow with age and many times so does vision. For elderly drivers who want to maintain their independence there aren’t many options but to continue driving even when they stop being capable of doing so safely. In the next decade self-driving cars could solve this problem entirely.

Self-Driving Cars Appear Safer than Manually Operated Vehicles

Between the independent tests being performed by Google and Toyota and the automated features that are appearing in some vehicles there is already plenty of proof that automatic cars are safer. For the last few years automatic braking systems have been in place in many of the newer vehicles. These systems rely on cameras and sensors to determine when the vehicle needs to be slowed down to avoid a collision. As soon as a car needs to be slowed down the brakes are automatically engaged and the risk of a collision is reduced dramatically.

Studies performed by the AEB show that automatic braking systems can potentially reduce accidents by up to 27 percent. Now imagine instead of simple automatic breaking a car that relies on sensors on every side that can detect problems and respond to them nearly instantaneously. That’s what can be expected from a self-driving car and there shouldn’t be any doubt that it will make driving safer for even an average driver. Now consider how poorly many elderly drivers operate their vehicles and the significance of these cars is even […]

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The Unexpected Costs of Being a Driver

When it comes to being a driver, it is exciting at first since you have this new sense of freedom, but perhaps you did not know what expenses came with being a driver of your own vehicle. Of course, you have your normal expenses such as car insurance and having to keep the tank full, along with the routine care such as oil changes and the like, but did you know there are also unexpected costs that can come up along the life of being on the road with your vehicle? Here are some surprising facts on some of those unexpected costs that perhaps you did not put into the driving around equation.

Accidents that are not your fault may require you to pay something out of pocket. This is especially true if the other driver that started the accident leaves the scene before you can get any of their insurance information. This can become frustrating, but it is something that happens.

Unexpected long term maintenance which might leave your car in the shop and you without wheels. So you might have to dish out some money to get a nice rental car to get you from here to there. If you’re under 25, the costs of a rental could be higher than if you are 25 or older.

Any type of technology that you have in your car breaking. This can be a pretty penny to have it replaced when it comes to wanting to use it. It could be anything from the GPS system to the sound system in your vehicle.

Traffic violations or parking tickets can be a big thing. When it comes to not obeying the rules of the road, you will get a […]

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Ford F-150 Being Purchased More and More

When it comes to owning a vehicle in the United States, you get something you love or something that the whole family can fit in and also has a high security rating. All of these things are good to think about but have you ever wondered what vehicle actually takes the cake when it comes to the most purchased each year?

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Robot Cars – Just Let Them Do the Driving

When it comes to driving around you probably become tired and annoyed. You do not want to do any more driving today and you certainly do not want to worry about being alert enough to get there. This is not a problem when it comes to driving around in one of Google’s self driven cars.

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Fatal Crashes More Likely to Happen From Trucks

Crashes happen each and every day, no matter where you are and you might not know the cause of the crash but a new study has found that tractor trailer trucks are getting their fair share of accidents while on the road this year. This is not only a scary statistic but a realistic one at that.

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