American Says to Get Tougher on Texting While Driving

As the world moves ahead and technology becomes more advanced, more people than ever are texting while driving. This can be a cause of concern, especially if people do not realize the serious consequences it could have. Not only can this be dangerous to your life, but the lives of other people as well.

In accordance to this, the people of America say that the restrictions on cell phones need to be stricter. The penalties need to be tougher on those that are caught doing it. Only around 20 percent of American people are satisfied with the laws put in force for texting and driving. The rest of the people state that these rules need to be changed. Not only should they be tougher, but the police enforcing them should be meaner. Parents should urge and push their children to stop texting and driving. They should show them results of this – the consequences you would face if you were in an accident.

Those found to be texting and driving should lose their licenses. They should be made to know that this is not acceptable because it doesn’t make other people feel safe on the road. A lot of Americans stated that it should go off a point system, that people should pay large fines, do jail time and there should be different levels of penalties for first and second time offenders. This is to ensure that everyone knows that their phone should be turned off or tucked away somewhere that they are not able to get too.

This campaign to stop texting and driving has been going on for years now, but the public is realizing that it is going to take a lot more support […]

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What is New with Mothers Against Drunk Driving

MADD or Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been busy these past few years organizing their campaigns and raising awareness, but they also came out with their new virgin line of drinks. With this being said, it is safe to assume that these can be consumed by the person driving, still enjoy a tasty drink and be able to drive everyone home safely. These drinks are able to be purchased in a wide assortment of options, so the designated driver does not have to feel left out when they are out at a party – after all, they are the guest of honor.

Walgreens is the store of choice when it comes to purchasing some of these drinks. Those that are going with the designated driver should be nice to purchase some for them. They cannot, however be purchased by those under the drinking age even though they are alcohol-free. This would send a mixed message to those that are under age. Not only does this drink provide so many benefits to those going out, but it is also something that helps support Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Through the partnership that MADD has with Walgreens, they are collecting 5 percent of the retail sales to help with their ongoing efforts to stop drunk driving and helps to support the victims of drunk driving – the preventable crime.

These drinks are flavored just like normal alcoholic drinks, so the person is still able to get the same taste, but not the effects that come along with it. These effects could be dangerous. Even the style of the can looks a lot like an alcoholic drink – don’t be fooled! Choose to purchase these drinks for yourself, or the […]

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    Self-Driving Cars May Keep Elderly Drivers on the Road Longer

Self-Driving Cars May Keep Elderly Drivers on the Road Longer

As the number of elderly drivers on the road increases with each passing year figuring out a way for them to continue driving safely is a real concern. As drivers age they stop being as capable of operating a vehicle safely as they once were. This is because reflexes slow with age and many times so does vision. For elderly drivers who want to maintain their independence there aren’t many options but to continue driving even when they stop being capable of doing so safely. In the next decade self-driving cars could solve this problem entirely.

Self-Driving Cars Appear Safer than Manually Operated Vehicles

Between the independent tests being performed by Google and Toyota and the automated features that are appearing in some vehicles there is already plenty of proof that automatic cars are safer. For the last few years automatic braking systems have been in place in many of the newer vehicles. These systems rely on cameras and sensors to determine when the vehicle needs to be slowed down to avoid a collision. As soon as a car needs to be slowed down the brakes are automatically engaged and the risk of a collision is reduced dramatically.

Studies performed by the AEB show that automatic braking systems can potentially reduce accidents by up to 27 percent. Now imagine instead of simple automatic breaking a car that relies on sensors on every side that can detect problems and respond to them nearly instantaneously. That’s what can be expected from a self-driving car and there shouldn’t be any doubt that it will make driving safer for even an average driver. Now consider how poorly many elderly drivers operate their vehicles and the significance of these cars is even […]

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Form Good Driving Habits on Your Own

Being able to form good driving habits on your own is essential at knowing what exactly you are doing wrong and then being able to fix the problem. A lot of times when you have a new driver, they will pick up and form habits of their own that perhaps they did not know they were doing. This can be a problem for those that think they are driving the right way, when it all actuality are not driving well at all. Here are some ways to find out if you have bad driving habits and how to correct the ones that you find that you do while driving.

Finding Those Habits

When it comes to needing to find the habits, you have to know what a bad habit is. This could be anything from texting or talking on the phone when not supposed to since you are driving, looking at someone in the vehicle that is talking to you when your eyes should be on the road or skipping certain signals and signs when they should be used, no matter what or who is behind you.

No matter what it is that you do that is counted as a bad habit, you need to ensure that you are doing the best work that you can. With this in mind, you will then want to move ahead and get all that you need, when it is needed.

Forming Good Ones Through Repetition

By always practicing the right habits, you will find that as you continue to drive, they will be more automatic. You will not do the bad habits that sometimes people do because they are not part of your normal routine. Be continuing the repetition of doing the […]

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Getting Over Car Sickness – The How To

Car sickness is something that a lot of Americans have to deal with on a daily basis and they may not know how to handle it. So what exactly is defined as car sickness? It is when the fluid inside the canals of the ears is disturbed. This leads to conflicting motion sensor feedback from the eyes and ears to the brain and it happens while in the vehicle. It can cause the person to feel sick or even get sick while in the vehicle. The ears are able to sense the movement of the vehicle, but the eyes stay on a object within the vehicle that is not moving and this in turn – makes you feel or get sick while in the moving vehicle.

Who is Affected by This?
When it comes to car sickness, anyone is able to get it and have it for the remainder of their lives. However, toddlers and young children are more susceptible to having car sickness. This might make longer trips unbearable to go on while they are younger since they can get sick at any time during the trip to your destination and back.

Preventing it From Happening
There is nothing that is fully going to make the car sickness go away, but there are tips and tricks that can be done to ease the burden of having to go through it. You can prevent it from happening if at all possible by following these simple tips.

Avoid the back seats as much as possible if you’re an adult. You’re more likely to get sick if you’re sitting in the back. If it is a child that has to sit in the back, make sure that they can see outside […]

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Country Roads Can be Tough Drive Down Them Safely

If you are not familiar with country roads because you normally drive down city or suburban area roads, but you need to go down a country one then you should be prepared. These roads are not like what you are used to. You might actually be surprised with just how different these roads actually are. Make sure to take someone along with you for the ride to ensure that you have someone there to help you get down the roads, after a few times with someone, you should feel confident about going down these types of roads alone.

Make sure to come up with your own tips, speak with others about the tips that they would give and read these tips. You should then feel confident about your ability to drive down those bumpy, winding country roads.

Country driving is very different than city driving. Not only are there less cars around but the roads are less forgiving. You normally will have higher speeds and more winding roads than in the city where it is a steady speed and a straight road.
Make sure that if there are no lines in the roads, try not to pass unless you can safely see in front of the other vehicle and the oncoming lane. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing this then you shouldn’t pass at all and just be patient.
Make sure that you feel in control of the wheel at all times and are going a safe speed. This is most definitely true for dirt roads where you can easily lose traction and go off into a ditch so keep this in mind and make sure to mind your speed. Do not feel afraid that someone […]

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Higher Gas Prices to Kick Off 2014 Summer

With the summer of 2014 comes higher gas prices than before. This is a lot to take in for some that are already having a hard time paying for the rising gas bill that they face each week. Just a slight raise is going to go into effect, a few cents more than the previous two summers. However, with this in mind, the price for gas is still lower than it was just a month before so this might be a plus for some but only a few cents down is not going to be enough.

The reason for this price rise is the demand for oil everywhere. The prices are going up for the demand on oil, which means that those of us that use it will have to pay more for it at the gas pump. There is a lot of tension at the wells, which is beginning the rising prices and a lot of people are keeping a close eye on the costs so that they are able to choose whether or not to use it when the time comes – some of us might not be that lucky and have to use it to get to where we need to go on a daily basis.

It has been reported that oil by the barrel prices are much higher than what we have been spending and this might be a problem when it comes to purchasing gas. With such a strong demand, a lot of people are going to continue to purchase it – even as the prices go up into the $4 and $5 range. This is a lot of money to spend on one gallon of gas, but if it has […]

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Immigrants Being Able to Drive – The Debate

There is a driving school in NYC that seems to have picked up the pace when it comes to being able to teach people out there how to drive. Over the past couple of months more and more people file in to get the training they need to drive on the roads but why? What is with the recent influx for this small Brooklyn driving school?

More and more immigrants are going in and asking more questions than ever regarding being able to get their driving license whether or not they have papers. The governor decided to put out a driver license proposal and they all want to know what is going on with it and if they are able to sign up to take the courses and get their license or not. This is a big step for the community that they live in.

The office is happy about this since they are getting more clients than ever. Not only do they offer the training and tests, but they also are able to offer vehicle insurance to those out there that are in need of it. This means a big client base for an otherwise small store stuck in between some of the larger ones out there. However, the licenses that are offered for those immigrants in the area are specialized licenses just for them – but this does not cut off the people from flowing in and wondering more about it.

One of the biggest things that they are worried about is the fact that if they get pulled over, their license is checked and the officer will know whether or not they are illegal to be in the country. This could lead to deportation […]

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There are Dangers on the Crosswalks

Distracted driving is a seriously dangerous thing, but have you ever thought about distracted walking – especially when there are vehicles involved? A lot of people do not actually consider the hazards that come along with walking across the street and not fully paying attention to what is in front of you. 60 percent of walking pedestrians do something besides just walk when they are out about. They text, email, talk on their phone or listen to music. 70 percent of those interviewed consider these distracted actions to be dangerous, but they mostly all still do it anyway. Pedestrians that have been in accidents due to them being dangerous amounts to over 4,000 pedestrian deaths and over 70,000 injuries throughout the past year.

A lot of the attention goes on those distracted drivers in vehicles, which it should for the right reasons since pedestrians cannot be safe against these folks, but also distracted walking can cause accidents as well. Crossing the roads while distracted is even more so risky than just walking down the road while distracted. As children, simple rules are given to allow you to learn how to cross the road. You should stop, look both ways and make sure nothing is coming before you walk across the road. However, as people have gotten older, this simple rule has simply been forgotten.

55 percent of adults that have crossed a street in their lives have thought about texting or emailing while they are in the middle of crossing. This seems to be the most dangerous thing to do while crossing a street, even more so than running to beat the traffic across it. These concerns for pedestrians are real concerns that are out there. […]

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The Unexpected Costs of Being a Driver

When it comes to being a driver, it is exciting at first since you have this new sense of freedom, but perhaps you did not know what expenses came with being a driver of your own vehicle. Of course, you have your normal expenses such as car insurance and having to keep the tank full, along with the routine care such as oil changes and the like, but did you know there are also unexpected costs that can come up along the life of being on the road with your vehicle? Here are some surprising facts on some of those unexpected costs that perhaps you did not put into the driving around equation.

Accidents that are not your fault may require you to pay something out of pocket. This is especially true if the other driver that started the accident leaves the scene before you can get any of their insurance information. This can become frustrating, but it is something that happens.

Unexpected long term maintenance which might leave your car in the shop and you without wheels. So you might have to dish out some money to get a nice rental car to get you from here to there. If you’re under 25, the costs of a rental could be higher than if you are 25 or older.

Any type of technology that you have in your car breaking. This can be a pretty penny to have it replaced when it comes to wanting to use it. It could be anything from the GPS system to the sound system in your vehicle.

Traffic violations or parking tickets can be a big thing. When it comes to not obeying the rules of the road, you will get a […]

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