Billboards are just about everywhere out in the open. You see them while walking, driving or riding with someone else and sometimes they really make you think. This seems to be the problem when it comes to those drivers getting an emotional charge out of what each of the billboards that they pass say.

Research was conducted on just how much an emotionally charged billboard can affect a driver of a motor vehicle.

Distraction is one of the leading causes of accidents throughout the United States and this is something that continues to be on the rise. There are many reasons for these distractions such as cell phones and children, but a lot of people perhaps did not think about what is going on outside of the car that could distract those drivers inside the car – such as billboards that are up.

The research went on to find out just how much changed when it came to these emotionally charged billboards and having the drivers of the vehicle react to certain situations while in the car. When they seen a billboard that screamed out something at them – whether it was a sad, exciting, happy or whatever emotion they felt by seeing it – they all tended to have slower reaction times to what was going on around the car – perhaps because they were still thinking (and feeling) what they saw on the billboard previously.

Both positive and negative pictures and words were presented to the test subjects and each time one or the other came up, they were slower with their reactions and distracted in their own emotions and thoughts.

However, one thing that was found with the positive words were that the drivers would speed up a little, much like they got a bit of a jolt when they saw the word while the negative words had them down and veering all over the place and lost much more in their thoughts.

Neutral seems to be the way to go when it comes to billboards and hooking people into what they have to say. This is a big thing to think about since a lot of people perhaps did not know that their emotions were connected to these types of outside stimuli, when in fact, it means a lot when it comes to being able to pay attention to the road and the cars or signs around you but instead you’re reading and feeling what is posted on the billboard ahead of you.

Around the world, or in some states, billboards have restrictions on them but not every state throughout the United States has these types of restrictions, even if they should. This leads to a lot more accidents in those areas where billboards are in abundance. However, as of right now, no regulations are being pushed through or passed in an effort to cut back on the amount of billboards that are put up around busy areas or highways since these companies spend a lot of time and effort when it comes to having them put up.