As the world moves ahead and technology becomes more advanced, more people than ever are texting while driving. This can be a cause of concern, especially if people do not realize the serious consequences it could have. Not only can this be dangerous to your life, but the lives of other people as well.

In accordance to this, the people of America say that the restrictions on cell phones need to be stricter. The penalties need to be tougher on those that are caught doing it. Only around 20 percent of American people are satisfied with the laws put in force for texting and driving. The rest of the people state that these rules need to be changed. Not only should they be tougher, but the police enforcing them should be meaner. Parents should urge and push their children to stop texting and driving. They should show them results of this – the consequences you would face if you were in an accident.

Those found to be texting and driving should lose their licenses. They should be made to know that this is not acceptable because it doesn’t make other people feel safe on the road. A lot of Americans stated that it should go off a point system, that people should pay large fines, do jail time and there should be different levels of penalties for first and second time offenders. This is to ensure that everyone knows that their phone should be turned off or tucked away somewhere that they are not able to get too.

This campaign to stop texting and driving has been going on for years now, but the public is realizing that it is going to take a lot more support to actually end it. This is why they are stepping up, doing polls and making sure that something – anything happens in the right direction. So many people are losing their lives due to texting and driving which can be prevented. By preventing it, many more people are able to feel safe on the roads once again. Not too many teens that are against texting and driving even want to rush into getting their licenses. The road is just too dangerous of a place to be.

Not only did they state that texting and driving is a concern, but they also stated that talking on a cell phone leads to a lot of these crashes. This can also be prevented. Since cell phones have advanced, many more people are stuck on them. Many people feel the need to reply to something someone says, or answer when there is a call. However, it can wait. You need to make sure that your attention and your hands are on the wheel so that you’re able to direct the vehicle at all times. If you’re not – this can be a deadly mistake for anyone that you come in contact with, especially to yourself.