Defensive Driving Course Online for Texas

If you need to keep a ticket off your driving record, our course TEA approved course is exactly what you need. Accepted in every court in the state of Texas including Dallas, Houston, Austin and El Paso.

Low Price $25.00

Low Price Guarantee

Don’t worry that you might pay to much for you driving course. $25.00 is the lowest price allowed by Texas state law!

Texas Help Center

We know that sometimes you have to complete your course on a weekend. Our staff is available to help 7 days a week.

Complete on Your Schedule

Our system will automatically save your progress through out the course so you can log on and off as you need.

Texas Approved Defensive Driving Course – Easy for Texas Drivers!

Cheap, Fast and Simple – Dismiss Your Ticket

No one has every heard a friend say, “Oh, I can’t wait to take defensive driving!”. We understand that most drivers only take a driving course for ticket dismissal either because they have to or because it will save them money. Our course was designed to be as painless as possible while hopefully teaching you a thing or two about being a safer driver.
  • Most Affordable Course Allowed by State Law in Texas
  • No TDLR/TEA Approved Course is Faster to Complete Than Ours
  • It is Simple to Click Play and Listen to Your Course

Remember What You Learn by Watching Videos

Countless studies have shown that learning with the use of animations and videos has a direct impact on a person’s ability to remember what they just learned for longer periods of time. For this reason and others we decided to include video sections throughout our defensive driving course. Some of these are required by the state but others include some of our favorite TV and movie personalities over the years. Many people have mentioned that they forgot they were learning during the videos because they were enjoying it. When you are ready to begin, grab some popcorn and a drink and get started dismissing your ticket the easy way!

Defensive Driving Doesn’t Have to be Horrible

We have all heard the stories and many of us have our own. Typical defensive driving courses are boring, redundant, even painful to complete. If you have ever experienced these feelings we have some great news for you! Your opinion will likely be changed after you take a class with us. Our number one goal is to educate through entertainment by providing an “edutainment experience”. If you find that after starting you still can’t stand it, give us a call and we will refund your money in accordance with our refund policy. It is important to us that you not only learn a thing or two about driving schools but also that you enjoy the time you spend doing it.
Overnight Certificate Delivery Available
If you are running behind and need to get your certificate fast, we have many options to guarantee that you get it when you need it! The choices include overnight, 2-day, and electronic.
Certificate Driving Record Type 3a
Did the court say that you need to turn in a copy of your driving record? Many times this is required and we can help you get yours in as fast as 60 minutes. Select this option during registration to learn more.
Keeping You Safe is Our Mission
Your safety, both on the road and online, are very important to us. We cover road safety in the course material but online the protection has already started. Industry leading technologies keep your information safe.
Personal Validation to Insure Security
Throughout the course you will be asked to verify information based on your driver’s license and vehicle registration. This security feature is in place to insure that the person who registers completes the course from start to finish.

Receive a Certificate for an Insurance Discount

When you take a course with us to clear a speeding ticket, we include a copy of the certificate for your insurance company. Although companies vary in respect to the amount and duration of the discount, many people see savings that cover the cost of this course many times over. The copy you give to them will have no mention of your ticket but simply state that you have successfully complete our state approved defensive driving course making you eligible for their safe driver discount program. Be sure to check with your agent for specific saving you can receive.

About Us – Who Is

We are a few guys that thought there had to be a better way. Over the years we have each received our fair share of speeding tickets and been subjected to many sub par defensive driving courses both online and in classrooms. Everyone has a gimmick. For some it is a “free” meal, others let you receive private instruction. With our course we decided that our gimmick would be providing a TDLR/TEA approved course that was affordable for everyone, quick to complete and easy for all drivers. Thousands enjoy our course every month and we know that you will too!